What science shows


Scientific demonstrations are intended to prove that certain phenomena occur systematically when the right circumstances exist.
Many people use the argument of scientific proof as a guarantee to sell their product without having carried out the relevant tests or even talking about theories that they do not know at all (many people who talk about "quantum physics" have no idea what it is about).
In many cases these arguments are fake.

the scientific reality of dreams

The existence of dreams or ideas cannot be proven, since they cannot be predicted, they cannot be falsified, they cannot be reproduced or repeated, they cannot even be reviewed by third parties.

So neither dreams, nor ideas, nor hope, nor love, nor creativity, nor consciousness, nor the creation of new realities, etc., can be explained from a scientific perspective.

However, all human realizations, buildings, cities, cars and airplanes, or even the device from which this can be read, are objects that have been designed previously, someone has devised them, although it cannot be known how they have appeared in the consciousness of its creator, neither reproduce, nor replicate said process.



 But miracles exist, despite not being able to be proven, and to use this magic we cannot resort to science, since it will not work... this does not mean that there are no magic formulas to achieve our purpose, with permission and blessing of science.

Many miracles exist and their scientific explanation cannot yet be rigorously demonstrated, but if it can be proven that certain effects precede certain causes in a systematic way, what you cannot do is go against science, because then this no longer it's magic, it's a fallacy ... and therefore it doesn't work..

A miracle, therefore, is everything that can happen outside of science without being able to explain or deny it. Love, dreams, creation, consciousness, etc., exist, but they do not have a coherent explanation by science.

It is also true that while certain things may be proven sooner or later, many are and will remain beyond the reach of human understanding..

Synchrony and attraction

Synchronize your dream with others

When we dream we are emitting a vibration that somehow resonates around us, which causes a series of different phenomena. For example, what has been called the law of attraction, is a phenomenon that appears after a process and as a consequence of the effects produced by this process. The attraction appears after the resonance effect and as a consequence of it, with which it may seem that this effect produces some type of attraction, but actually this phenomenon is very different, hence the error and that these premises do not work when we talk about making dreams come true.

It is necessary to clarify this question to use each phenomenon in due course and influence it to avoid skipping a key step to achieve our goal... If we hope to attract our dream only by dreaming it, it is possible that nothing happens at first sight, since this is a process that consists of different phases, in addition to having a complexity that often escapes our consciousness.

The key to approach our dream is to synchronize the frequency of our feelings with it, the way to do this is explained in the book "The Game of Dreams".

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To demonstrate certain things it is not necessary to go too far, everything works the same in the Universe, with which the conjecture can be made that everything has a natural frequency, even ideas or dreams, which allows us to establish a correlation between all the objects of the Universe.

The natural frequency can be demonstrated and physically studied in solids, outside this scope this definition is theoretical.

The correlation between any entity, whether it is physical or not, whether it is measurable or not, is the coincidence between natural frequencies, which is defined as tuning. The vibration of one entity can make another react through the resonance effect, which is the phenomenon that appears when one entity is influenced by another with a frequency similar to its own. (The Theory of the Unknowable)

The phenomenon of resonance exists in all the fields that physics studies, from mechanical resonance to particle physics or astronomy. Resonance is a universal phenomenon.

the resonance effect


One effect of resonance is what happened on London's Millennium Bridge.

If we consider the steps of people as the dream, and its making as the vibration of the bridge, we see that a seemingly insignificant cause can produce very remarkable effects.

When talking about dreams, it is possible that a single person cannot move the reality to modify it, but many people surely will, this is a law of physics.

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